“English Project” in Escolàpies-Llúria 


This is just one of the projects that the school is working with, and every year it becomes more

important to us. It is one of our main priorities within our education system. The main objective is to

offer a way in which students are able to learn languages other than their native language. The most

important language being English, and French being the second. In order to do this, we offer

different activities in English from as early as P3, right up to the end of 2nd of Bachillerato.

The main objectives of the English project are:

1. To manage the English curriculum and to help improve it every day.

2. To continue the student exchanges with foreign countries, where English is also a dominant

language in their culture. The exchange works by sending students to the chosen countries and then

those countries send students to Barcelona. This is available to students from Primary to


3. To keep improving our English extracurricular activities in association with the Cambridge English

Preparation Centre.

4. To always offer “Summer Days”, a summer camp where children are directed and spoken to,

solely in English. The summer camp is available to students from P3 to 6th of Primary.

5. To offer the opportunity to complete the Cambridge Exams; STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS and KET.

6. To continue and increase the exchange programmes with the CEE Erasmus + Ka1. Exchanges with

France, Italy, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

7. To propose new European projects to collaborate and do exchanges in the English language.

8. To continue with the CAPS Programme of native English speakers in the school.

9. To continue with the different English activities in foreign countries, as well as our own. From

Primary to Bachillerato.


C/ ARAGÓ, 302 (BARCELONA) Per contactar podeu escriure a: info@escolapieslluria.org Podeu trucar al T. 93.488.21.66 i demanar per la Sra. Isabel Solé