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Summer Home 

This is a program where during the months of June, July and August students can study in a foreign country for two or three weeks. Everyday the pupils attend English classes with students of other nationalities. This program includes lots of activities and day trips. The students live with families who are English speakers. Summer Home offer places in cities from England, Scotland and Ireland.  

Total English Summer Camp 

They offer the opportunity to attend a summer camp called ´Total English´, in La Molina. The students are able to choose a time period of up to three weeks, or just ten days. This is a very good summer camp which includes a variety of activities with English speaking monitors. The classes are taught by native English speakers.  

School Integration Week 

  This is a project which is carried out during the school year, which is designed to introduce higher education students to an English speaking school, and give them a culture experience. Students spend a week in an English town where they live with an English family and attend lessons in an English state secondary school. Here they can enjoy and experience English school life. At the same time, they participate in trips related to English culture and complete a school project. It involves full integration in British Schools, attending normal lessons with English students.    

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