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CAPS Program: Native English Speakers


  This program is founded by Fundacio Escola Cristiana de Catalunya and offers the possibility to have native English teachers in schools. The role of a CAPS assistant is to help the English teachers with the speaking classes, and also be in control of small groups of students. The CAPS assistant helps to improve the speaking and conversational skills of students. In addition, during the assistant´s time at the school, they live with up to three host families who have children in the school. The current assistant Laura says “this is a great opportunity for both the assistant and the school. I love helping the students with English. I am able to provide them with authentic English, and they provide me with an unforgettable life experience. In addition to working in the school, I live with host families who are very supportive and welcoming. It is a lovely way to form relationships with people from another country and culture.”  

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